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Saturday, December 4th, 2004
Man Shopping = rant
I as a rule hate shopping.


I would rather pay 50% more for something I need the fuck about going to ten different shops to try and save cash. I got myself some new sneakers today and it seems I have "wide" feet, this meant I had to try on 5 pairs before I found one that worked what a shit! I like to go in find what I want within 1-2 minutes buy and leave. I hate being asked if I need help and never ask for help if I can't find it myself I generally leave :)

I seem to have been doing this shopping thing almost every bloody weekend though I always seem to "need" something! I don't know why they can't find a system to allow you to try on clothes and shoes online that would make my life a lot easier. Technoly I can shop for and almost enjoy myself but buying clothes pisses me off.


Time to finish this pilsner and go to bed I thinks :)

Current Mood: tired
Friday, December 3rd, 2004

I am The Lovers

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Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
First day at the gym
Man I am gonna be sore tomorrow and I only did a third of the work-out i will be doing twice a week in future.
I am so sick of being so unfit so it'll be good to feel like I am finally doing something about it.  Going there with a good mate makes it a lot easier though.

The biggest problem with going to the gym is that it makes you start thinking about what you eat :)
This is really a good thing I know but I am gonna miss all the "nice" things.
Friday, October 8th, 2004
Mmmmmmm Beer
Today I have had 4 different types or beer and it's only 5:30pm

Newcastle Brown
James Squires Amber Ale
Cascade Draft (that was a freebie at work - couldn't say no)
and Currently Tooheys Pils

I love beer, in all it's many and varied forms (except VB and anything made in the USA) it is truly the nectar of the Gods! There was a time when& I didn't really like beer, I used to order a Jamies and Coke. I still love Jamesons but i can't go past the Amber Liquid.

Current Mood: drunk
Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
ATM Etiquette
I saw a crime today, well it should be a crime I was waiting with a mate at the ATM and there was this chick standing in front of the ATM talking on her mobile phone!!!!! now if she was trying to use the ATM at the same time it would be kinda forgivable but no she was just standing there holding her place in front of the ATM with about 6 people waiting behind her!!

This has prompted me to put down in writing what I believe ATM etiquette is:

1. Know how much you want to get out if in doubt get out $60 this is a good figure it will cover you for a couple of days (depends on your vices)

2. Know you goddamn PIN if you can't remember a 4 digit number get it changed to 1234, remember your financial security is less important than the inconvenience you will cause others.

3. Don't check your balance first, if the money aint there it aint there.

4. If you need to transfer money use internet / phone banking.   Got anything else you reckon should be added to this list? 

Current Mood: aggravated
Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
Bad Uncle
Was my Nephew's 3rd Birthday today, I forgot about it ( I always forget Birthdays) maby I need to use a diary or something.

I will make it up to him this week it's always good to get a late pressie makes it feel like your birthday lasts longer :)

Current Mood: guilty
Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
Cracking ya knuckles
Is this actually a bad thing? and why do I do it?
These are questions that plague my existence....

Current Mood: curious
Monday, September 27th, 2004
Ok so it wasn't Telstra but they still blow goats
It was the power supply screwed by property again!!

Gotta feel sorry for A he is on call for this sorta ratshit.

On that note I am gonna hit the ol fartsack, three entries in 24 hours is a little much i don't wanna turn into one of the LJ junkies (yes i am talking about you snofox) *snigger*

And G if you are reading this, check ya email girl and write to me my inbox is all kinda empty :(

Current Mood: sleepy
Sunday, September 26th, 2004
Why do internet connections go down (flame)
Havn't ISPs heard of redundancy??? FFS if we had as many single points of failure at work as fricking telsra does we would all get reemed (is that the right spelling) into next frigging month!!!

Current Mood: frustrated
A day of recovery
Well the lions lost the Grand Final, this is a good things as being an Australian I suffer from "tall poppy" syndrome. If anything looks like it's gonna get to big, powerful or tall you gotta cut it down it's not that I really believe this philosophy but I think going for the underdog is something I just can't help.
Went to R's house to watch the GF on his projector and drink beer it seems that if I start drinking beer at 12 in the afternoon I start getting a hangover by 7pm I am sure this didn't used to happen? you'd almost think I am getting old :) I crashed there for the night as the better part of a dozen beers seems to make people discourage you from driving home *grin*
We had a BBQ for lunch (as you do) the thing that I don't understand about steak is sizing, I went to one of the "expensive" butchers and asked for a big bit of scotch, now last time I asked for a large steak I had to put it on two plates :) but the one I got yesterday was pathetic. I guess it either came from a cow for Nigeria or something or the butchers was rationing people so nobody would go hungry on what would be about his biggest day of the year (except mabey Aussie day)
Spend this morning watching eps of B5, visiting the olds and generally expressing my inner "lazy, fat bastard" with a minimum of movement.
I got an email for G this is always a good thing. Got work in the morning this is always a bad things... well it pays the bills I guess and I looks like the backups have kinda worked so my Monday morning may not be as bad as it usually is.

Cya round like a brick

Current Mood: lazy
Saturday, September 25th, 2004
Virgin Entry (High heels indoors)
Well it Grand Final day and I better make this short as I have two important things to buy.
Meat and Beer.

Woke up way to early this morning, like 9 or some ungodly hour as a chick was walking on the wooden floor upstairs in high heels! like what's the deal with that anyway they must be bad enough to wear out and about why would you wear them around you own home? maby she was filming a porno (I hear high heels feature in them I wouldn't know) I didn't hear any other "noises" to back up that claim though.

I am finally finishing a email to my best friend in england, I have been tring to finish it for a week but everytime I sat down to do it there would be a gooddamn emergency so if you are reading this G check your email (actaully since I only told you about this in the email if you are reading this you alrady have - logic it's my gift)

I think i will add another entry when I get home after the Final tonight there should be at least one story to told (and I hope it's not about frigging Brisbane winning again)

Current Mood: mischievous
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